No more mold in your shower.

We develop an innovative dehumidifier for the shower.
With impressive functionality and timeless design.
Install the future in your shower.

Discover our products.

Based on our worldwide patent pending technology
we have developed different product variants for you.


From 1.249 €

Suitable for any conventional shower with exposed fittings, the DUSCHKRAFT HOME can be retrofitted into almost any existing bathroom.

This will effectively protect your bathroom against mold and save you money on ancillary costs.

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Price on request

The DUSCHKRAFT POWER has enough power to dehumidify several shower cubicles in parallel.

Perfect for public showers, the DUSCHKRAFT POWER provides effective mold protection and energy savings.

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Latest news from our blog:

In the last week we were in Berlin for the final pitch and have taken the prestigious Neumacher Founder's Award in the category "Industry & Technology" as a great victory with Rostock ...

DUSCHKRAFT is on TV! In the show "Einfach Genial" from the MDR we were broadcasted on 27.11.2018 and on Youtube you can still watch the post today. ...

Antennas MV makes it possible and you can now listen to us on the radio! You'll get a beating! ...

Our team

Stefan Goletzke

CEO & Co-Founder
- Managing Director -

stefan.goletzke (at)

David Bredt

CTO & Co-Founder
- Managing Director -

david.bredt (at)

Arvid Reinwaldt

- Product developer -

arvid.reinwaldt (at)

Christoph Beckmann

- Product developer -

christoph.beckmann (at)

Niklas Heese

- Industrial Engineer -

niklas.heese (at)

Jessica Brach

- Marketing -

jessica.brach (at)

Jörg Ortlieb

- Distribution -

joerg.ortlieb (at)


- mechanical engineer -

application (at)

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