A day of excitement and action and SHOWER POWER is on TV. At the MDR in the show "Simply Brilliant" on 27.11.2018 at 19.50 Watch you can not only hear our founding story, but also see it.

It was a weekday lesson where we could not go about our day-to-day business. When we tried it, there was an instant movie camera behind us, so we set ourselves completely on a great shooting day with the MDR team. But before the team came to our four walls, they shot a small scene in the hotel room. Why this? Of course we got a script in advance and knew exactly what happened. Thus, we were also able to quickly polish the production hall to a high gloss before the 4-headed team visited us with their huge camera. We presented our DUSCHKRAFT everyday life, showed production steps and gave interviews.

The highlight, however, was the visit to the installation of our SHOWER HOME at one of our first customers. Everything went smoothly from the preparations to the installation to the first use on site. The customer was able to take a good shower, the shooting team had everything in the box and we were just happy!

Of course, a contribution in the MDR program "Simply Ingenious" makes us very proud and therefore we would like to thank the MDR team and also our customer for a great shooting day and are looking forward to the broadcast on the 27.11.2018 at 19.50 Watch at the MDR ,

Here are some small impressions of the shooting day: