On the 11. In May 2018 we won the German TGA Award 2018 of the magazine "Modern Building Technology - The Practice Journal for TGA Specialists"! The award recognizes outstanding achievements in the field of technical building equipment.

On the 11. In May 2018 we won the German TGA Award 2018 of the journal "Modern Building Technology - The Practice Journal for TGA Specialist Planners".

In the category of young talent award in the area of ​​sanitary technology, air conditioning and ventilation, our individual solution for use in truck showers at highway rest stops convinced the top-class jury of experts.

In cooperation with the aPlex GmbH from Berlin, we have completely adapted our technology to a new sanitary concept for truck showers. These showers are used every day with an average of 30 to 40 showers and have a corresponding moisture problem and thus, the prevention of mold and also the mold control in showers is an important issue.

As a traditional solution, the planners had planned a classic room dehumidifier for use in swimming pools. Although this device is slightly cheaper to buy than a dehumidifier from DUSCHKRAFT, it causes around 270 Euro in electricity per unit per year. In contrast, our solution saves energy costs of about 170 Euro per year.

Moreover, the dehumidification performance of the DUSCHKRAFT solution is also higher than that of the conventional dehumidifier and thus protects permanently and permanently against harmful mold!

Here is the original article from the magazine "Modern Building Technology" Edition 6 / 2018:


(Source: HUSS-MEDIEN GmbH)

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