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The solution for your shower.

With the DUSCHKRAFT® HOME, mold problems in your bathroom are a thing of the past! The water vapor produced during showering is sucked in directly for condensation. Your mirrors will be less fogged and your walls will be permanently protected from mold.

Effective protection against mold

Saves valuable energy

Suitable for any surface-mounted fitting


During installation, the DUSCHKRAFT Home is connected to the cold and hot water pipes. Before the water flows into the mixer tap, it flows through a cold water condenser and a hot water heater.

As soon as you start to take a shower, the device switches on fully automatically. The resulting steam is sucked in via the fan and flowed through the cold water condenser. The air is dehumidified and the cold water is heated by 3-8 ° C.
Then the air is heated again via the hot water heater and released to the shower.

This recirculation system allows a constant, very efficient dehumidification directly while showering!

Shortly after the shower is stopped, the appliance switches to a caster and uses the remaining cooling capacity to dehumidify the air. Then the device switches off fully automatically.

Energy and cost savings

Thanks to the heat recovery of the DUSCHKRAFT Home, the device consumes less energy than it uses for thermal energy.

By heating the cold water, you need less hot water for a comfortable shower temperature. The 17 Watt device consumes power and you save about 200Wh of heating energy per shower.

Durable protection for your home!
Gain comfort in every shower!
Energy consumption is reduced!
5-year warranty
Made in Rostock!


  • Dimensions: 911x291x62mm
  • Voltage: V 36
  • Recording power: 17 W
  • Power: 0,47 A
  • Sound pressure level in 1m: 58db (A)
  • Protection class: IP68
Download: Installation instructions electronics Download: Installation instructions device

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