DUSCHKRAFT discovers "die Welt"

Editors of the newspaper "die WELT" were also convinced by Duschkraft and report in "Analyse: Wirtschaft".

"Successfully found in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern" is the headline in the "Analysis: Economy" of the newspaper "die WELT". We, the Duschkraft GmbH, are part of the article and therefore a figurehead under this positive heading for Mecklenburg. We are very proud to have also convinced the editors of WELT with our concept of the dehumidifier for the prevention of mould in bath and shower!

"die Welt" has the following to report about us: " [...] David Bredt, a mechanical engineer, and the business economist Stefan Goletzke went a completely different way. Both longtime friends have come across their business idea "showering power" by chance. "In our shared flat everything was damp and foggy after the shower, mould formed. We then thought about it and drastically increased the cold area of the shower faucet," says David Bredt. A prototype was developed, the idea submitted. With the prize money for second place in a competition they built an even better model. To continue, they applied for subsidies from the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and the federal government, and private deposits were added. "Since we as founders are currently receiving a scholarship and Duschkraft GmbH is financed by an investor, we can currently make a living from our startup. We are very fortunate that we founded our company immediately after graduating and that our financial needs are accordingly comparatively low. We will probably be in the black next year," says Stefan Goletzke. Now the young entrepreneurs are looking for many customers. But that shouldn't be a problem. Hotels with swimming pools, holiday resorts and housing administrations should be able to solve the problem with mould in the future with "shower power". [...]

You can read the complete article here.