Neumacher, the founder prize of the WirtschaftsWoche - DUSCHKRAFT has it!

Last week we were in Berlin for the final pitch and took the renowned Neumacher Gründerpreis in the category "Industry & Technology" to Rostock as a grandiose victory!

Wow, we're overwhelmed! We have just won the Ostseezeitung's Founder's Prize and are already holding one of the most prestigious German prizes for founders in our hands.

In front of a top-class jury we qualified for the final in Berlin during a presentation in the building of the Handelsblatt publishing house in Düsseldorf. There Arvid presented our dehumidifier for bath and shower in a 180-second pitch. The local jury and the audience gave us first place in the category "Industry & Technology". Now the renowned Neumacher Gründerpreis of the WirtschaftsWoche in cooperation with Auctor Actor Advisor and the partners BARMER, DATAGROUP, P3 Group and Ritzenhoefer & Company shines in our office.